Membership Application and Approval Process

Membership Requirements and Fee

Application Form
To become a member of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association complete a New Member Application form and submit to the NHBA office. Once the form has been received and verified, your application will be voted upon by our Board and you will be informed of the results. A cheque (refundable if your application is not approved), for your membership must be submitted along with your application.

RENOMARK™- New Membership applicants who supply and install any aspect of renovations must apply for membership in the Niagara Home Builders’ Association RENOMARK™ Program, abide by the RENOMARK™ Code of Conduct and Complete the RenoMark™ Contractors Sub-Licensing Agreement (Section 9).

New Member Application forms may be obtained by contacting us, in writing, by telephone or email. Alternatively you may chose to print a copy of the application form, email or mailit to us.

Niagara Home Builders’ Association
34 Scott Street West
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