NHBA – The Home of Professional Renovators

Invest In Yourself… 

Only members are eligible to display the RenoMarklogo, which identifies them to the public as a professional renovation contractor.  The purpose of the program is to provide positive community awareness for the renovation industry.

Benefits of membership include:

 1.  Credibility – As a RenoMark renovator,  you will abide by the NHBA Code of  Ethics and the renovation-specific Code of Conduct.  This will give you added credibility and an edge in a verycompetitive marketplace.  There’s no better way to declare that you are areliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy  renovation contractor. 

 2.  Marketing – Display of the RenoMark™logo.  The Reno Guide brochure directsconsumers to the RenoMark website,and to your company information.

 3.  Website – Each member will be listed onthe NHBA website and on theRenoMark™ website www.renomark.ca .

 4.  Improved Public Perception – Theprogram provides the consumer with amethod to identify qualified, reputable,high quality renovator contractors fortheir home improvement projects.

5.  Recognition – You will be eligible toenter the Awards of Excellence.

 6.  Continuing Education – RenoMarkrenovators understand the value ofeducating themselves and will have theopportunity to attend seminars throughout the year on current trends,codes, safety and technical skills

7. Networking Opportunities – With otherprofessional renovators and peers, youwill have a chance to promote your industry.


Makes a Difference!

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