CHBA CEO Kevin Lee appears before Senate Committee on Energy to talk about Net Zero, transition to low-carbon economy – Canadian Home Builders’ Association

CHBA CEO Kevin Lee testified before the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources as part of its study on the effects of transitioning to a low carbon economy. Over the fall the Committee will be studying the built environment, with a report due in the Spring.


Kevin’s remarks focused on ensuring that improving energy efficiency and addressing climate change doesn’t come at the cost of reduced housing affordability. Federally supported innovation and R&D are required. The federal priority for housing and the environment should be a single simple but extremely important goal: let’s build better houses for the same price or less.


Lee also emphasized the need to focus on the real opportunity for energy improvements in housing—the existing housing stock—and advanced CHBA’s recommendation for an energy retrofit tax credit.


Commentary: Video and text of Kevin’s opening remarks and follow-up Q&A with Senators can be found on the Association’s Housing in Canada: The Government Role webpage.