HOT OFF THE PRESS! I have a flooring installation scheduled, what do I do to prepare?

by Dani Gammon, A-1 Flooring Canada


So you’ve scheduled a flooring installation. How exciting! Here are some things you can do to prepare your home for the installers and ensure a smooth, worry-free installation.

Rooms need to be cleared – If you need help doing this, talk to the sales professional during the estimating process about furniture removal. Rooms do need to be cleared and if the installer offers this service, ensure it is included in your estimate and discussed. Ensure arrangements are made ahead of time.

Please take care to remove breakables, including crystal, porcelain, hanging art and decorative items. In addition, floor-length draperies should be tied up or removed.

Closets and storage areas need to be cleared, and long hanging clothing needs to be removed so that the installers have room to work freely.

Please be sure to have your home temperature controlled for the season with heat or air conditioning. This will ensure that your new flooring is protected. Also, ensure that power outlets in your home are turned on, as installers often use power tools.

Pianos, pool tables and other items that require special care such as aquariums, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, some appliances and large electronics need to be removed by professionals prior to our arrival.

Whether you have decided on hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile or vinyl to complete your home décor, a professional installer will maximize your investment and minimize your inconvenience during the process.

At A-1 Flooring Canada we train and supervise each of our installers. We demand superior quality and professionalism from our team, and they will take special care of your home. We can’t wait to floor you! We are located at A-1 Flooring Canada, 166 Bunting Road, St. Catharines.