OHBA Special Recognition Awards

Excerpt from OHBA Awards Presentation Event –

We are taking this opportunity to applaud these individuals who have been of great service to their local association, with particular dedication to the planning of the events we are enjoying – including an unforgettable opening reception and party up close to the mighty Falls last night!

These dedicated members are wonderful representatives of the association – within the association itself and also within our local communities-at-large.

Jon Whyte of Mountainview Homes.  Jon serves as the Chair of the OHBA Land Development Committee, is incoming President of Niagara HBA for the second time, and leads knowledgeably and selflessly. Well respected by his peers and colleagues, he is a very engaged individual who has met with municipal leaders, provincial bureaucrats and politicians, moderated forums, provided invaluable input to many OHBA land-use planning and development-related submissions, and supported many association events. Thank you Jon for your exemplary service.


Danielle Rinaldi of Rinaldi Homes. Danielle’s infectious enthusiasm and can-do attitude whenever presented with a task – from fundraising to community group outreach to conference administration, and the indispensable operations at the committee or board level is 100% commendable.   Danielle also served on the Niagara Home Builders’ Association’s conference planning committee this year, and what a fantastic job the Niagara HBA committee has done!  Thank you Committee, and thank you Danielle.


We would also like to honour and thank Lynda Busch, Niagara Home Builders’ Association Executive Officer. Serving the association for 17 years, Lynda works tirelessly to ensure that every event and meeting, including this conference, goes off without a flaw and she appears to do it so effortlessly. Her unwavering dedication is very much admired and valued and her commitment to the day-to-day operation of Niagara HBA has helped ensure the on-going success of the local.


Thank you and congratulations to these three outstanding individuals representing the Niagara Home Builders’ Association. They demonstrate the dedication and hard work of so many good people in our industry.