Association Overview

The Niagara Home Builders’ Association is a network of professionals who work together to serve and promote the residential building industry. Organized in 1955  members include new home builders, developers, renovators, suppliers, supplier/trade contractors, manufacturers, and allied professionals.

Niagara Home Builders’  is a volunteer association actively involved in all facets of the new home construction and residential renovation industry. Committees are organized to represent the interests of the association related to building and development issues.  We work to provide members with opportunities to learn, grow and take pride in their achievements.

Niagara Home Builders’ Association members are also members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, which enables us consultation with governments at all levels on policies, programs and legislation that affect the industry and consumers.

The Association’s monthly dinner meetings, annual events, committees and volunteer opportunities to build a business network to share a commitment to long term success in the residential construction industry – the people you want as part of your team.

Today, as a result of commitment, members have a respected voice in the industry.

named 2010 Local Association of the Year

The Niagara Home Builders’ Association was recognized for their hard work and named 2010 Local Association of the Year. Notable among a list of outstanding achievements was ’s collaboration with industry colleagues to build a home in under 50 hours for donation to Habitat for Humanity. The association also raised significant donations for cancer research and the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. In addition, the NHBA stepped up its government liaison efforts presenting a unified voice within their community and its 12 municipalities. The Niagara Home Builders’ association also graciously hosted ’s conference last year and has done an absolutely outstanding job over the past year and are very worthy of this respected and coveted award,” noted Bob Finnigan, OHBA President.