You have a dream. You want to upgrade your home maybe a new kitchen or bathroom, finished basement, access to the backyard, or put on an addition.
Brainstorm first then take the plunge! Ask yourself:
1. How do you want to feel when you’re at home?
2. What’s your family like?
3. How much and what kind of storage do you need?
4. Furniture to stay, or a whole new look?
5. Do you want a large-scale renovation or addition? Use your basement to create a new space? Or just stylize a room?
6. Thinking “bathroom” what kind of fixtures do you want?
7. “Kitchen” what kind of cooking and entertainment do you want to do?
8. Floors…how much money do you want to spend?
9. Start a filing system for records, notes and photos
10. Who’s a good renovator? Check out the RenoMark website (
11. Start packing. Put everything away in closed, well-labeled boxes so you can get at them if you need to.
12. Brace yourself. There will be bad weather, delivery problems, illness, product delays that have nothing to do with you or your renovator.

Enter the renovation process with confidence, control and a professional renovator with experience, skill, integrity, honesty and true craftsmanship. When you hire a certified professional renovator with the “RenoMark” Mark of Excellence seal, you won’t waste money, time or sanity.